Government Engineering College Kisanganj is located in a gorgeous setting in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the district of Kishanganj which is the only district in the state of Bihar that is adjacent to four nations and two states, all of which have people of different ethnicity, religion, language, and cuisines. This not only offers our students with a superior education, but also gives them a taste of entirely new worlds and the opportunity to engage with and comprehend many cultures. As a result, our students are more qualified to work in Indian as well as multinational institutions. The College’s establishment has brought quality technical education closer to home for underprivileged students at affordable cost. With the adoption of Science and Technology, as well as the holistic growth and character building of students, we are devoted to making people’s lives better and more environmentally sustainable. Our primary goal is to make engineering a fun experience for students by Institute-Industry collaboration, Institute-Research collaboration, combining theory and practice in pedagogy, nurturing and fostering critical thinking and problem-solving among students. Furthermore, we hope to become a hub for technical talent, instilling in our students a love for creativity, lifelong learning, and driving them toward start-up ideas, in order to serve as a catalyst and seed for industrial growth in the region and throughout the country. We will also work with numerous educational institutions in the local area to attract fresh talent to technical education. I wish all of my students the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Dr.Neeraj Kumar
Mobile number: +91 99058 32111

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